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Appetising Digital Menu Board

Its fair to say that when it comes to food we buy with our eyes, and its no surprise when we are hungry and surrounded by so many choices one may find them selves in a bit of dilemma.  Your famished and need your fix and there is no menu in sight, or worse a menu that doesnt really entice you with the food that needs your immediate atention. This is one reason why a Digital Menu board may be the solution for your business and help your customers appreciate your offerings.

The digital menu boards are perfect in a restaurant, bar, club, cafe and take-away food businesses.

You need a system that can showcase your meals with finesse, be able to be maintained with minimal effort and save you money and time by doing away with printed menu boards that cost money every time you rmenu changes.


Why Go Digital

The menu has to sell its contents to the customer faced with so many choices, it needs to make up their mind to buy from you. With a digital menu board you have an active, animated and somewhat playfull display to grab the attention of the customer and to help them stay focused on your offerings. The customer can see the image of the meal with a description and price and with that done all is left is take the order.  Its easy to maintain too.


Enter The Digital Menu Board

The digital menu board is a custom written application designed and programmed in Australia for Australian needs.  At its core is an android based programming utility that controls an embedded PC connected to each of the displays. You, as the user have full control over the menus displayed on each monitor fully customised to your requirements.

Designed to be a complete stand alone system or interfaced to your Uniwell HX series terminals, it makes designing and updating your menu’s a breeze.  The interface allows for product and price updating directly from your HX terminal to your digital menu board with a few simple taps.

The digital menu board allows multiple screen with different menu’s displayed, which also have the ability to change the displayed menu based on time. This allows for automatic menu changes from Breakfast to Lunch, or from standard pricing to happy our pricing.

Digital Menu Board Displays

Digital Menu Boards

Programming Utility

Programming utility for digital menu board

Digital Menu Board Functionality


Advertisement TV

Individual TV’s can be set to be scrolling advertisements. This means you can advertise all your Daily Specials or Weekly Advertisements scrolling on a single TV in direct view of your targeted audience.

Uniwell POS Integration

By integrating directly to your Uniwell POS terminal you can update the pricing on your digital menu boards with the touch of a button.  This means that you only have to update the prices in the Uniwell POS and they will then be updated on your menu’s – saving you time and energy by removing the need to double enter your price changes

Scrolling Product Images

You have the ability to take a photo of your item, or select one from the tablet, and have it scrolling through with all the other product images you define on your menu. You are able to define the location and size of the Scrolling Product Images, you can even use images with transparency.

Menu Background

You can set any of the images located in your Tablet to the background of any or all of your menu’s. You may also have multiple image backgrounds scrolling at a speed you define.

Product Formatting

With the touch of a button you can change the Font, Colour & Size of any or all of your products. You can position your products anywhere on the menu you wish by pressing and dragging, you can even add headings for groups of products.

Automatic Menu Changes

The powerful Digital Menu Board system allows for timed changes of specific menu’s, this is great for changing to happy hour pricing or moving to your dinner menu after your lunch service has been completed.

Kilojoule content

Easily add the kilojoule content of your products to display on your digital menu boards