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Uniwell Bakery POS

POS Solutions for Bakeries

Speed of service is key for a busy Aussie pie shop. Whether it be early in the morning, ‘smoko time’ or the busy lunch trade, efficiency at the front counter is of prime importance. In recent years, many bakeries have further enhanced their appeal by adding cafe quality coffee to their product mix. These developments have changed the point of sale requirements of the modern bakery.

Uniwell POS Australia has developed Uniwell4Bakeries – a tailored point of sale system designed to meet these needs. With quick, user-friendly access to dozens of products at the POS, our Uniwell touchscreen terminals provide the ideal solution. Uniwell Lynx back-office software, designed and supported in Australia, delivers an easy-to-use means of maintaining your POS and extracting much needed sales and management data. We also have a range of digital display solutions to help you modernise and promote your bakery.

Consider the benefits to your business:

✔  The user friendly touchscreen POS terminal improves accuracy and makes staff training easier

✔  Control items, prices, POS settings and screen layouts from your back-office

✔  Powerful sales analysis with over 30 different customisable reports available

✔  Record accurate GST collection data ensuring tax compliance

✔  Improve efficiency by recording product wastage and analysing the data

✔  Customer loyalty options allow you to target promotions and enhance return business

✔  Enter wholesale account sales at the POS and send the data to the PC for management

✔  Staff attendance can be tracked at the POS, increasing wage calculation accuracy

✔  The embedded POS hardware ensures greater speed, reliability & security over PC-based alternatives

✔  Electronic journal storage ensures security and allows transactional history search

Since installing our new Uniwell POS System nearly 12 months ago, we have found the HX-4500 terminals to be extremely robust in our bar and bistro operations and the integration with our M@xetag member gaming system has proven to be ultra reliable. The back office Uniwell Lynx software is easy to use, and yet provides our club with a wide range of detailed reports.  All in all, a great system, both front and back of house.


Club systems manager

Our Restaurant has been using Uniwell POS and Lynx for over 10 years now and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It was easy to set up and very easy for me to make regular changes to our menu and prices using the Lynx software. The reporting systems are fantastic from a stock control and FOH sales perspective, so you know exactly what is going on and from who. My Team find it easy to use making the training process so much easier and they love using the mobile ordering devices.


Cafe owner

A marriage in heaven! Take control of your business, stock control, and team member sales analysis. Never guess your selling price. It’s never been easier – just by using Lynx and the Uniwell HX-series


Cafe owner

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