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Tap into a new hospitality movement.

More than a digital menu, me&u leverages smart features to help grow your bottom line.

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At-table ordering and payment solutions.

Deliver a market-leading customer experience with the fastest, most reliable, and most flexible at-table ordering platform. Chewzie’s ID Free technology, personalised on-site service, and reliability guarantee ensure an uplift in revenue whilst safeguarding your venue’s reputation.

Tyro Connect

Seamlessly connect must-have apps with your Uniwell POS System & Tyro Connect. 

In today’s competitive and tech-enabled environment, businesses can find themselves having to juggle many different apps in order to meet customer expectations and manage day-to-day tasks.

Tyro Connect is an integration hub that plugs these apps into the POS system, making them easier for businesses to use and manage. Tyro Connect works with POS software designed for cafes, restaurants, QSRs, pubs, clubs and bars.


Designed and built for restaurants just like yours.

Prepaid orders eliminate no-show risk. And because we have secured a low card transaction fee and don’t take any commission from your sales, you can retain more profit.

Customers can order from any device. All of the plans allow you to sell your food and beverages online via your Web site, Facebook page, Android & iOS apps.