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HX4500 – High performance bezel free touch screen POS

Hx4500 Pole mount

HX-4500 Features, suitable for Hospitality and Retail

Hospitality Features

Phoenix, Hand Held Ordering –

HX-4500 can be linked to Android terminals with “Phoenix”,
specially developed by Uniwell for hand held ordering.
No dedicated terminals needed; commonly-available Android
terminals in the market would serve as hand held ordering
terminals for lower initial investment.

Table Management –

Complete table management covering multiple locations and
different range of tables per clerk. Table status can be known by
color – for example, reserved, seated, ordered, check-out bill
issued, paid, cleaning, vacant

Improved Promotion Control –

A range of multi buy, combos and meal deals can be configured.
In addition it is also possible to schedule price changes for “happy
hour” style promotions. It is important to be able to configure and
run promotions but it is even more important to be able to monitor
the impact of the promotion. The HX-4500 provides detailed
pricing reports that show the effect of promotions.


General Features

Customer Loyalty –

The HX-4500 can be configured to run a simple low cost loyalty
system that will allow you to provide loyalty cards to your
customers and provide them with preferential pricing and
discounts. The built-in customer database keeps track of what
customers are ordering and when they last ordered. With this
internal database, it is also possible to manage employees meals
at canteens subsidised by the company, for example.

Real-time Stock Control –

Many businesses cannot justify the time and resources to manage
a fully featured stock control system. The HX-4500 comes as
standard with a real-time stock control system that, with minimal
effort, will provide accurate stock control for the key product lines.

Management Information –

A wide range of detailed reports provide managers and owners
with the information they need to control and drive the business
forward. The HX-4500 can be configured to automatically send
sales data (in XML format) to a remote FTP server or Web based
reporting service – UniPortal.

HX4500 Graphical Table Plan

Graphical Table Map

PLU Screen Layout

Product Screen

Hx4500 Pole mount

Pole Mounted HX4500