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Elaia Cafe

Elaia Cafe has been using Uniwell touch screen systems for close to 15 years.

We upgraded in 2011 to the Uniwell AX3000. We found it incredibly easy to use in setting up all our PLUs, categories and displays and having the flexibility to customise it to suit our needs. Very, very easy to use when there was a price/item/menu change.

The icing on the cake was the Uniwell Lynx v4 software and the Phoenix handhelds. For years I have been after a software program that could work with the AX3000 and provide me reports of individual clerk sales, hourly reads, group sales reports and so on. These reporting functions complimented the already efficient reports produced directly by the Uniwell terminal. It gave us more control and accountability of money in and out, clerks, profitability, stock control and what items are worth keeping on the menu.

Apart from the fantastic reports available in Uniwell Lynx, the ease in use of the software to make menu and price changes was astounding. I have used other Uniwell software programs in the past so I am used to the program. The upgraded software however was so much easier and less time consuming. The menu changeover was made so much easier by being able to change the screen layout using the Uniwell Lynx software. That meant not having to go in after hours and work directly on the main terminal to make any price or display changes. It was all done from my laptop off site. The data transfer from Uniwell Lynx (my laptop) to the main terminal took less than 3 minutes and it worked perfectly first time. Sales extraction is just as easy. I am able to extract sales data as often as I like to see which clerk is being super productive and which menu items are selling the most/least. The numbers speak for themselves and running a business in the current economy means you need accurate and up to date figures on how your business is tracking. The Uniwell AX3000, together with the Uniwell Lynx v4 software would assist any business with achieving these efficiencies.

The Phoenix handhelds have been another tool of efficiency. FOH (front of house) are now able to place their orders on the handhelds which means there is no backlog at the main terminal of guests wanting to pay their accounts or processing of takeaways and then having a queue of FOH waiting for their turn to place up to 5 tables orders at a time. By using the handhelds, the orders are placed exactly at the time they are given by the guests which means that the kitchen and bar receive their orders more efficiently and again no more backlog.

I would highly recommend the AX-3000, the Uniwell Lynx Software and the Phoenix handhelds for any business that wants to keep control of their money, products and productivity.

In addition the above would not have been possible if it weren’t for the highly trained and professional team at Statewide Business Systems. We have been dealing with Scot and more recently Gary for close to 15 years. Their passion for the system, their knowledge and their tenacity to get it right and to get the right product suited to their client’s individual needs is a service that has resulted in my loyalty for so long and will continue to do so for another 15 years!!!