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Loyalty Barcoded Cards

Loyalty Rewards Barcoded Cards.


Loyalty Barcoded Cards

Professionally printed and formatted cards used for a variety of applications including but not limited to customer rewards and loyalty, customer accounts, clerk security, staff access cards and many more uses.


All cards are custom made to your specification with full colour, 2 Sided Printing on A White PVC Card with rounded edges. * A large variety of shapes and sizes are available, please contact us for pricing.

Please download our card requirements from this link and submit via our contact us page.

Listed pricing includes delivery to capital cities, regional areas may attract a freight charge please contact us with your suburb and postcode for an exact quotation.


Why Choose Loyalty Cards From Uniwell


Loyalty and membership cards are a brilliant way to retain and generate extra business.  Loyalty systems provide you with vital market research that enables you to hone in on specific rewards that are most appreciated by your customers all while boosting the growth of your business and customer base in an easy to manage and cost effective way.

The idea of a loyalty system is really quite simple. A customer visits your shop and makes a purchase, they use their supplied card or use the benefits acquired in the form of rewards.  Everybody loves to get something in return for their continued visits to your business.  This information allows you to gather details about their visits such as frequency, purchases, and total spend

Advantages of Loyalty Cards

  • Know Your Customer – Understand their shopping habits and products of interest to target their specific needs by running different campaigns for different groups.
  • Customer Joy – loyalty systems are excellent for making a customer feel important and relevant. Customer happiness is important as it keeps them coming back and most will agree that word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising.
  • Customer Retention – a loyalty card program is not only a good way to get new customers, it’s also a tried-and-trusted method of keeping them.
  • Increased Product Sales – loyalty card systems encourage customers to come back more often to take advantage of your special offers/discounts/rewards. The more they shop, the more they can earn and redeem at a later date.
  • Extend your Reach – loyal customers who enjoy your rewards may encourage their friends to join in on the benefits. When you have great products tied in with a way to get these for free by encouraging more spending may entice more people to join, especially if your products are comparable with your opposition, put simply its a WIN WIN situation. 

Why not give your business the opportunity is deserves by implementing a customer loyalty system as a way to attract, entice and encourage your customers to spend more and invite new business to your store.  At Uniwell we have the means to assist you and you may as well, there’s a good chance your opposition is already doing it.

Don’t delay, click on this link and submit your enquiry, we will be more than happy to assist you in this new move.


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