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Uniwell AX-3000 Touch Screen POS Terminal

Now with an inbuilt customer loyalty reward program!

The Uniwell AX-3000 touch screen terminal has all the benefits and features found in high end pc solutions but using super-fast new processing power for the efficiency and reliability of a ROM based system.

Online and mobile ordering that is designed specifically for food to go retailers, powered byMobo2Go.

No moving parts; no hard disk no fan means increased reliability.

The Uniwell AX-3000 is a robust and reliable terminal built by Uniwell at it’s manufacturing facility in Osaka Japan.

The high brightness adjustable display with cutting edge colour screen technology leads operators through smooth and accurate transactions using Uniwell’s unique flow through touch screen software. Resulting in fast, efficient customer service.

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AX-3000 Features

The AX-3000 high speed real time operating system offers super-fast operation, security from virus attack and computer hacking, plus a long product life time with lower cost of maintenance. (No software upgrades are usually necessary once the terminal is installed).

  • Technical Features:
  • Robust Uniwell hardware means years of trouble free operation.
  • Small footprint allows the unit to be located at narrow locations in bars and waiter stations.
  • Wall / Bracket mounting option standard.
  • Flash ROM technology gives a stable operating system platform without the system lock-ups of normal computer systems.
  • Printer-less work stations with shared printing mean less financial outlay for a total system.
  • A choice of printers at print stations allow for the print type to suit the environment the printer is in.
  • Kitchen and bar orders can be printed on impact printers with black and red print to highlights cooking/preparation instructions.
  • Guest checks can be printed on a thermal printer with a customised graphic logo.
  • Connect up to 32 terminals on a local area network for reporting and product maintenance.
  • Back office PC communications and internet access is standard for reporting and product maintenance.

More AX-3000 Features »

  • Removable base for wall/bracket mounting (VESA Standard).
  • User friendly quick and intuitive programming and operation with rich GUI (graphic user interface).
  • Remote access and control via the internet for reporting and updates.
  • SD card stick interface: Report collection and backup. Upload/Download preset data, menu and price changes and graphic images.
  • Password security levels for sales, reports and programming.
  • Graphical table plan with a flexible billing system: On screen table creation, move, combine split and delete. Tables can show table opening time/duration and customer name. Table billing options include bar tabs and table tracking with multiple bills per table, split bill and table transfers. Customer bills can be accessed from any terminal in the system. Multi-function split bill allows users to split a bill equally between guests, split individual items to separate bills then split a bottle of wine between a number of guests.
  • Kitchen Control: Auto transmission of food and drink orders, together with preparation and cooking instructions to kitchen and dispense printers with auto backup and redirection of printing should a print problem occur.
  • Price Control: Multiple price levels and automatic price changes make the system ideal for lunch/evening menus, happy hour and promotions.
  • Security: All transaction data is recorded in an electronic journal that can be reprinted. Remote terminal monitoring and special auditors report features are available.
  • Management Reporting: Available reports include open table report, group sales, financial reports, item sales, time zones, server, time and attendance payment analysis. Daily and period to date.

AX-3000 Easy Setup

The AX-3000 is designed to be easy to setup for the end user.

You won’t need an expensive ongoing annual software maintenance contracts to keep the AX up to date.

Adjustable screen brightness plus customised easy screen layouts make the AX-3000 simple to use in all environments.


AX-3000 Loyalty System

Keep customers coming back with the new inbuilt customer loyalty system on the AX-3000.

  • The AX 3000 now has a variety of customer loyalty point systems to choose from:
  • Points are awarded in accordance with the purchase amount and accumulated in a Customer File. A customer can choose to pay by points or accumulate points when they make a purchase.
  • Individual products, or product groups can be used to accumulate points when they are sold. When the customers accumulated points reach a pre-defined level, a % discount is applied to the customer’s current transaction or next transaction.
  • A % discount per purchase amount is accumulated in customers file and the accumulated discount is offered when a customer has made a pre-defined number of visits.
  • A discount amount is applied to a slice of each purchase amount (for example, 0.20 discount per 5.00 purchase amount).
  • A fixed discount is given for all purchases of a total transaction or certain items within the transaction.