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How Errors at the Cash Register Are Costing Your Business

With many hospitality venues operating under extremely challenging circumstances at the moment, every dollar counts. Additionally, waitstaff are under more pressure than ever before, with social distancing protocols adding to the complexity of dining operations.

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It has never been more important to have systems in place that can assist your team with accuracy and efficiency.

Could sticking with outdated cash register technology be costing your business? Briefly consider these common mistakes that could be whittling away at your already hard to come by profits:

  • Incorrect sale item registration
  • Allowing items to be priced manually at the till
  • Optional add-ons not correctly recorded and added to the price
  • Inaccurate entry resulting in orders requiring remaking
  • Unauthorised refunds or discounts
  • Promotions incorrectly applied or calculated
  • Items not correctly set up for GST leading to inaccurate tax payment
  • Missed up-sell opportunities

Tally up the potential value of these costs to your business and you might be shocked to learn that a reluctance to innovate is damaging your viability. But through astute management and adaptive thinking, many cafés, restaurants, pubs & clubs will be able to stay afloat and even enhance their processes by using technology that aids business profitability.

A properly configured integrated point of sale system is much more than a ‘supercharged’ cash register – it is a vital hospitality management tool.

If you are looking for a new POS system to improve venue operations – consider Uniwell!

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