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Ten Attributes that a Quality POS System Brings to Your Business

When searching for a new or improved Point of Sale solution for your hospitality or food retail business, the options have never been greater or, frankly, more confusing. No one has time to look at all of the alternatives.


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So here is a checklist of key characteristics that many business operators look for in a POS system. The more of these you can ‘check off’, the greater your chances are of making a well-informed decision

Stability Your POS terminal needs to be functioning whenever your venue is. System security and hardware quality greatly reduces the risk of viruses, hacking or unexpected updates.
Versatility As your business grows and adapts to changing customer needs and an increasingly challenging economy, you need a POS terminal that can develop with you.
Simplicity A key criterion for your POS terminal should be that it is easy for staff to use. A system that is flexible allows you to refine it over time to further improve usability and service speed.
Functionality The modern POS terminal is much more than a calculator on a cash box. Advanced POS features can tangibly improve in-house efficiency and the customer experience.
Capacity Rather than relying on cloud data storage and reliable internet connectivity, having your POS terminal with the capability to primarily store data locally reduces lag.
Durability The front counter of a busy hospitality venue or food retailer can be an intense space. Your POS terminal needs to handle constant use by multiple operators with varying IT skill sets.
Adaptability A wide variety of available peripheral options means that your POS terminal can morph with your business if you decide to pivot and expand into new operational methods.
Reliability Consistency is key for an efficient operation, so your POS terminal needs to be dependable and not requiring constant modification simply to allow your venue to effectively function.
Longevity As a ‘workhorse’ of your business, you want your POS terminal to operate reliably, not just for weeks or months, but years. In regard to quality, you do ‘get what you pay for.’
Connectivity We live in a connected, data-driven world, where successful managers constantly analyse their venue to look for opportunities for improvement. Your POS needs to enable that.
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Add Uniwell’s embedded POS terminals to the shortlist of candidates for your next point of sale solution, and see how many of these important qualities our systems offer.

If you would like to know more about how a Uniwell POS system could be used to help boost your business, please contact us